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The objectives of the First Methodist Daycare programs are to proide a safe, happy, Christian atmosphere in which children can grow in developmentally appropriate learning situations.


  • To help children grow in knowledge of God and His love and care.

  • To help them know that Jesus is their friend.


  • To help children grow in their ability to have satisfying experiences in playing with those their own ages.

  • To help them learn to respect the personal and property rights of others.

  • To develop an attitude of kindness, cooperation, courtesy and helpfulness toward others.

  • To accept appropriate individual and social responsibility in their own age group.


  • To provide opportunities for self-expression and investigation.

  • To increase the children’s understanding of the world around them and how to live well in it.

  • To add to their stock of information and meaning and deepen their zest for learning.


  • To help the child mature in his or her reactions toward emotional problems and help develop appropriate methods of expressing emotional responses.


  • To provide opportunities for both indoor and outdoor play.

  • To enable each child to gain bodily strength and skills as he or she climbs, balances, lifts, pulls, and pushes in the process of play.

  • Children will learn to behave in ways to safeguard their health and to respect the feelings of others.


For more information please call (334)268-2227.

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