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Children's Minister Position Available

Applications are available at the church office



Children’s Minister


Ministry Area/Department:      

Children’s Ministries


Accountable To:            

Chair, FUMC Staff-Parish Relations Committee or appointed committee member

Chair, FUMC Board of Trustees or appointed committee member

Pastor, FUMC

Children’s Ministries Council


Ministry Target:            

FUMC members and non-members, daycare, Children’s Ministries Council, and community


Position Is:                

Paid Staff, Part-time, 30 hours per week and to accommodate special events and other needs.


Position May Be Filled By:        

Approved individual with a high school diploma or GED, higher education, ability to pass standard background check, and/or experience in planning, organizing, implementing, and working with children and/or children’s programs.


Talents or Abilities Desired:        

Ability to:

  • Cooperate with co-workers to meet church’s mission.

  • Communicate with employer, co-workers, and church.

  • Conduct all business with professionalism.

  • Demonstrate positive attitude toward children, volunteers, and parents.

  • Demonstrate passion for children’s ministries.

  • Demonstrate Christian and quality character.

  • Organize and implement various children’s activities and events.

  • Organize and equip volunteers to assist with events.


Best Personality Traits:        

Conscientious, Cooperative, Dependable, Devoted, Professional


Passion For:    

Organizing and implementing Christian programs for children and present a positive role model and spiritual leader for children of the church.

Evaluation Period/Conducted:        

Yearly by the following:

                        Chair, FUMC Staff-Parish Relations Committee or appointed SPR committee member

                        Chair, FUMC Board of Trustees or appointment BOT member

                        Pastor, FUMC

                        Chair, Children’s Ministries





Job Duties


Position: Children’s Minister


The Children’s Minister is responsible for developing, coordinating, and supervising a comprehensive educational and spiritual growth program for children. The Children’s Minister encourages a commitment to Christ and His church to help children develop skills to enable them to become effectively involved in the ministry of God’s people in the world. The Children’s Minister must have a strong Christian commitment to and personal faith in Jesus Christ and interpersonal skills to utilize with children, parents, and the church body. The Children’s Minister must communicate, lead, organize, and have a high level of confidentiality, dependability, and punctuality. The Children’s Minister must have knowledge of available resources for children’s ministry and special training for children’s ministry and/or prior experience.


Specific Responsibilities:


1. Schedule, plan, coordinate, and supervise new and ongoing programs and events for children.


2. Coordinate the securing of teachers and substitutes for Sunday School and Vacation Bible School with 

    children coordinators and/or the Children’s Ministries Council.


3. Provide workshops periodically as well as teacher appreciation activities to motivate and enable 

    teachers and other volunteers to effectively perform their functions and responsibilities.


4. Plan for and order with the assistance of the pastor curriculum material and resources for teachers.


5. Oversee purchase of supplies, learning resources, teaching aids, and equipment for children’s 



6. Conduct outreach and enrollment programs of new members and reactivation of inactive members in 

    Sunday School and children’s activities/events.


7. Direct the organization and implementation of Children’s Church, Wednesday night children’s 

    programs, Vacation Bible School, and Children’s Summer Activities.


8. Provide as much as is reasonably possible, for the safety, supervision, and transportation of the 

    children during all planned activities.


9. Plan, oversee and give direction to all children’s programs, projects, and activities while insuring these 

    functions are carried out in keeping with church policies and regulations.


10. Recruit, train, and direct all adult workers with children.


11. Assist the children in preparing for special events especially those held during worship services.


12. Publish in the church newsletter quarterly a calendar of children’s programs, projects, and activities in 

      the local church, community, district, and conference. Also include relevant information in weekly 

      church bulletin.


13. Plan and coordinate Vacation Bible School and other spiritual enrichment groups or activities.


14. Plan and direct children’s trips, mission activities, special activities, etc.


15. Build congregational support for Children’s Ministries as well as reach out to parents as a support and 




16. Prepare and operate within the boundaries of an approved budget submitted to the Committee on 

      Finance/Church Council.


17. Maintain regular published office hours in order to be available to parents, youth, and staff.


18. Regularly attend Children’s Ministries Council meetings and Church Council meetings and report.


19. Demonstrate leadership abilities in the church.


20. Provide support for all children’s programs.

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